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What is import for air filter element ?

If you want to solve the problem of industrial waste gas in life, you must use an air filter to purify the air. We do not have too high requirements on the efficiency of household air filters, but the air filters used in factories and enterprises hope that their filtration efficiency is high and the scope of application needs to be wider. Various occasions. So how much do you know about the key elements of the air filter? For example: is the design of the air filter reasonable, whether it will allow the indoor air to circulate well, whether the air filter is fragile, and whether it will affect its service life. We have collected some questions about air filters that everyone is more concerned about. I want to make a brief summary of these issues. Let's take a look at the key elements of air filters !

The first is the classification of air filters. Air filters are simply divided into: primary, medium, and high-efficiency filters.

1. Primary  filter: It is used in the primary stage of air treatment equipment, and the filter material can be replaced by itself. The primary filter is mainly to filter dust particles above 5μm. The advantages of the primary filter are: low price, good versatility, and relatively light weight.

2. Medium-efficiency filter: the same as the primary-efficiency filter, it is used in the primary stage of the air filtration equipment or in the intermediate stage of the multi-stage filter. The main filter range is 1-5um dust particles.

3. High-efficiency filter: remove dust particles ≥ 0.3μm, which can be divided into GB type and GWB type. Compared with the previous two types of air filters, its gap is relatively small, and the filtered air flow rate is relatively low, so the filtered air Efficiency is relatively high.

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Maintenance of air filters:

1. Do not open the packaging film during installation, and place it in the correct installation direction during installation. After installation, make sure the inside of the air filter is clean and free of contaminants.

2. Before installation, do the relevant cleaning work for the installation environment.

3. Under normal use, the filter material of flat, foldable, primary and medium-efficiency air filters needs to be replaced, cleaned and dried in 1-2 months. If it is rinsed more than twice, it needs to be replaced with a new filter material to ensure the filtration efficiency of the filter.

With the development of industrial technology, the current air filter is no longer a separate outlet for particulate matter, smoke, etc. in the air, and is widely used in hospitals, electronic companies, dust-free workshops, document protection, mechanical operating rooms and other fields. The air filter is installed, because the current air filter can be combined to remove the organic waste gas in the air, which can prevent the corrosion of machinery and other equipment. Today's air filters remove respirable particulates, remove microbes from the air, and remove gaseous pollutants. There are related factors about the air filter as described above. When purchasing, you should pay attention to choosing the right air filter. You also need to consider the volume and model of the air filter. Consider the scope of application of the air filter, otherwise you should buy it at that time. When you go back and find that you can't put it down, it will directly affect the related work efficiency.



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