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Why vacuum pump need use vacuum pump oil mist filter ?

The oil mist filter of vacuum pump is designed to maintain the high efficiency and normal operation of vacuum pump and prolong the service life of vacuum pump. It plays a very good role in protecting the vacuum pump. Generally, the vacuum pump needs three levels of filtration at the same time.
The first level of filtration, air inlet filtration: to intercept the solid particles in the inhaled gas. Through the interception of large impurities and dust particles, the pressure of two-level filtration at the back end is greatly reduced, the mechanical wear during the operation of the vacuum pump is reduced, and the service life of the vacuum pump is prolonged.

The second level of filtration, vacuum pump oil filtration: oil vacuum pump is vacuum pump oil as a medium to vacuum, trueDuring the operation of the air pump, the oil will gradually carbonize and become gelatinized when it works at high temperature for a long time. In addition, the vacuum pump blades and other parts will also have friction during rotation, which will produce some dust particles. These gelatinized oil and dust particles are mixed in the vacuum pump oil and run together, so they must be collected in time through the oil filter. At this time, the vacuum pump filter can play a very good role in protection, and the dirt is collected and contained by it.

Third level filtering, Exhaust filtration: there are a lot of oil mist particles in the exhaust gas of the vacuum pump. If it is not separated, these oil mist particles will be discharged together with the gas, forming what we usually call "smoke". If the vacuum pump "smoke", the working environment of the workshop will be polluted, and the vacuum pump oil will be lost very quickly, so it is necessary to refuel the vacuum pump every day. At this time, with the exhaust filter can solve this problem. When the oil-gas mixture is discharged, it needs to pass through the high-precision glass fiber filter paper of the exhaust filter. The oil mist particles can not pass through the glass fiber filter paper directly in the form of liquid, so they are attached to the filter paper. Finally, more and more oil mist particles are attached to the filter paper and integrated into the oil drop reflux vacuum pump. The clean gas is discharged smoothly through the glass fiber paper under a certain pressure, so that the vacuum pump can operate smoothly The filter achieves the function of oil and gas separation.

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Add: Tiantan Road,Huling Industrial Zones, Jiyuan ,Henan ,China