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Why is my vacuum pump exhaust filter smoking?

 We are major in vacuum pump filters manufacture more than 20 years and service 10000+ companies & end users. There are many customers complain that they are purchase vacuum pump exhaust filter from other supplier is not use  one month or one week start to smoking ,oil leakage even their vacuum pump burning. It is really dangerous. Today ,let's to learn why vacuum pump exhaust filter smoking. 

There are about two reasons as follow:

1. The problems of Vacuum pump .Such as  blockage of the oil circuit, lead to the oil filtered by the filter element can not return to the oil tank , they are at the exhaust port. When the vacuum pump into air, the oil will be out  at the exhaust port .

2.  Quality of vacuum pump exhaust filter .The good quality exhaust filter has the characteristics of fast oil discharge, and the oil drops grow fast and easily drop down under the action of gravity. For the poor quality of exhaust filter , the separated small oil droplets are often adsorbed on the cotton on the surface of the filter element. Once the air is discharged, it will be blown out the exhaust port to form fuel injection.It is main problem for vacuum pump smoking.If serious, your vacuum pump will burning.

We suggested that you purchase vacuum pump exhaust   oil mist filter from regular manufacturers. Don't covert cheaper price.You will lose big. It is not value.If you like, please reply us your need filter number and quantity, we would like to provide you a set vacuum pump oil separators filter to test or try in your vacuum pump. You will be satisifed with our vacuum pump exhaust filter and help you save money and save time. Waiting for your news.



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Add: Tiantan Road,Huling Industrial Zones, Jiyuan ,Henan ,China