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Causes and solutions of frequent start-up of vacuum pump

During the use of vacuum pump, the pressure gauge is displayed in the normal working range, but the value is low. When the vacuum pump is working, the pressure rises slowly. When the pressure stops, the pressure drop is obviously much faster than before. This situation will lead to frequent failure of vacuum pump start. The specific causes of frequent start-up of vacuum pump and the solution to frequent start-up of vacuum pump shall be in accordance with the following Methods to check and solve the problem
1. In case of frequent startup failure of vacuum pump, first, carefully check whether there is air leakage in vacuum tank and suction pipe, find out the leaking part and block the dew point. Check the pipe leakage including the vacuum leakage of the exhaust valve, and should be considered together during the inspection.
2. If there is no air leakage, then check whether there are more liquid stored in the vacuum tank. If there is more liquid, it is necessary to put out the liquid in the tank, check the solenoid valve and adjust the position of the liquid level. The liquid level is installed in the vacuum tank, and the fault point is mostly the problem of solenoid valve.
3. The failure reasons of the previous type which will cause frequent start-up of vacuum pump are denied before checking whether the sealing ring of vacuum pump is in good condition. If there is any damage, replace the new sealing.

4. If the water ring vacuum pump is used, check whether the circulating water is too small, and if it is too little, adjust the water supply valve to increase the flow of circulating water. If there is too little circulating water, the reason should be found out, whether the water source problem or the pressure is insufficient.

Installation example of vacuum pump

5. If the rotary vane vacuum pump is used, check whether the vacuum oil used by the vacuum pump is polluted, and if the vacuum oil becomes very turbid, replace the new vacuum pump oil.

6. Whether the exhaust valve of vacuum pump is normal, if it is the cause of the exhaust valve, the exhaust valve should be repaired.
7. Because of the serious wear of vacuum pump, the vacuum pump should be maintained or replaced.



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