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Detailed explanation of common use problems of filter element of filter equipment

Detailed explanation of common use problems of filter element of filter equipment

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Filter element is undoubtedly an important part in the filter equipment we often use. Therefore, we should pay special attention to maintenance and maintenance of filter elements during the process of use. So how should we solve some problems? Now let the professional filter manufacturers to tell you!

1、 Under what circumstances does the filter element need to be replaced?

Usually, the replacement cycle of filter element is about 250 hours after the priority work, and then it is about 500 hours after the work. The specific situation depends on the use environment. In addition, when the pressure gauge of filter element sends out alarm, it also reminds us of the time of replacement; If the surface of the filter element is leaking or cracked, the equipment shall be checked in time. If any abnormality is found, it shall be replaced in time.

2、 Is the higher the filtering accuracy of the filter element, the better?

Generally speaking, the filtering accuracy of the filter element should reach a balance between the filtering efficiency and the ash content. If the accuracy is too high, the service life of the filter element may be shortened due to the low ash content, which is also one of the risks of the filter element being blocked.

3、 What is the harm of inferior filter element to the whole equipment?

The truly high-quality filter element can protect the use of other parts in the equipment, prolong the service life and reduce the cost of use, while the inferior filter element is just the opposite.

4、 Filter equipment has a long service life. Is it necessary to use high-quality filter elements?

Filter equipment with long service life is easy to wear, so they need high-quality filter elements to stabilize the wear phenomenon and maintain the performance of the equipment, otherwise we need to spend a lot of cost to repair the equipment. The use of high-quality filter equipment can ensure that the cost of your use is reduced and the service life of the equipment can be prolonged.

The above is our professional filter factory for you to summarize the common problems of the filter element of the filter equipment, and give professional answers to these problems, help us solve a lot of problems and confusion, in our daily use can also play a certain help role!



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