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What is filter cartridges in paper industry ?

The paper industry requires many processes in the process of operation. From material preparation machinery to pulping machinery to papermaking machinery, each process machinery will produce different degrees of pollution, and impurities in machinery oil may affect the operation of the machine or cause accelerated mechanical wear, thereby shortening the life of the machine. Filtration is indispensable in the paper industry. Now we introduce several filtration products that can be used:

1. Hydraulic oil filter

In the hydraulic system of the paper industry, the lubricating oil used to reduce wear and tear during the operation of various machines may contain impurities from mechanical wear, impurities in the oil, etc. Impurities can reduce the wear and tear of the machine and increase the service life of the machine.

2. Filter bag

In the pulping process of the paper industry, there may be different impurities or air impurities which can be filtered by filter bags.

filter (883).jpg

3. Water filter

Water filters can be used in the filtration of white water produced by paper mills or the filtration of large particles of impurities in groundwater, and the filtration of circulating water.

filter (355).jpg

4. Activated carbon filtration

Activated carbon filter has adsorption function, which can remove residual chlorine, odor, color and organic matter in water. It can absorb the odor in sewage and reduce sewage discharge.



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