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Why is your hydraulic filter deformed ?

In the hydraulic system, it is often seen that the hydraulic filter element is deformed or broken, so what is the cause?

There are three reasons:

1. The filter element is seriously blocked by pollutants during work and has not been cleaned in time. The pressure difference between the inflow and outflow filter element will become larger and larger, which will make the filter element strength insufficient and lead to the deformation and damage of the filter element.

2. An inappropriate filter was selected, and its maximum allowable working pressure was exceeded during the working process. For example: both are paper oil filters, the rated pressure of model ZU-100*20Z is 6.3MPa, while the rated pressure of model ZU-H100*20Z can reach 32MPa. If the former is used in a hydraulic system with a pressure of 20MPa, the filter element must be broken down and destroyed.

3. In a hydraulic system equipped with a high-pressure accumulator, the oil filter is damaged by the backfill of the accumulator oil due to some fault.




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Add: Tiantan Road,Huling Industrial Zones, Jiyuan ,Henan ,China