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When to change your vacuum pump filter element ?

When to replace the vacuum pump filter element, there will be a display for  vacuum pump or  filter element. What are the specific performances? Let’s to see as  follows:

1. Looking at the pressure gauge indication. It is  the easiest and most direct method. If your  vacuum pumps do not have a pressure gauge? Look at the second point .

2. See if the back pressure of the vacuum pump increases?

3. The vacuum pump exhaust if smoking

4. Vacuum pump temperature become higher than normal.

5. Whether the vacuum pump is sprayed  oil. If it has oil injection occurs, it means that filter element has been seriously blocked, and the quality of the oil has been greatly reduced. In addition to replacing the filter element, it is also necessary to replace the new oil.

The above five points are means that the equipment needs to replacement  filter element. Users should according to yourself working conditions, replace them before the above situations occur, and replace them regularly.

Leybold exhaust filter replacement.png

The vacuum pump exhaust  filter produced by us cannot happen  smoke under normal working conditions. Due to the different working conditions of the vacuum pump application manufacturers, the working  life of the oil mist  filter element will also be slightly different. If you need vacuum pump filter element, please send us filter number or your vacuum pump model, we can provide you samples to test is ok.



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Add: Tiantan Road,Huling Industrial Zones, Jiyuan ,Henan ,China