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How to extend your vacuum pump filters working life ?

The vacuum pump oil and gas filter is a consumable. The frequency of replacement filter element depends on the working conditions. The time used for different working conditions . Although the vacuum pump oil and gas filter is a consumable, it also needs to be maintained. The filter element working life is longer than no maintained  filter element . Here are some maintenance tips for you.

First of all,vacuum pump exhaust filter element medium is vacuum pump oil.The oil directly affect the exhaust filter element working life.In order to save cost,many vacuum pump user don't use regular  lubricate oil cause oil to deteriorate   which will clogged filter and oil inject. The vacuum pump oil mist filter working life will be short.

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Secondly, If you want your vacuum pump exhaust filter element have longer working life, you need found good quality filter element and maintance  .The  original exhaust filter element price  is high and delivery time is long. It is recommended to learn about the replacement filter element of the same quality. The replacement filter element is not a high imitation product, but a substitute of the same value as the original. There are many high imitation products on the market, with original labels and original prices, which are nondescript and deceive consumers.We are 20 years+ vacuum pump filters factory have service 10000+ customers and feedback are good. If you need,please contact us.Sample filters are ready for you. 

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Finally, install an vacuum pump  air filter  which filters out the impurities in the pumped air, which can protect the pump oil from pollution, reduce the frequency of replacing the pump oil, reduce the probability of emulsification, protect the vacuum pump oil filter, and improve its filtration performance.

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