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Why your vacuum pump catch fire and cause the filter element to be burned out?

The normal operating temperature of the vacuum pump is about 90 ℃, but some users may high temperature of the vacuum pump during use, which directly burns the filter element, and even causes the vacuum pump to burn out and catch fire. When encountering such problems, it is difficult to define the specific cause.

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Below, we will share with you the various causes of vacuum pump fires and provide solutions.

1. The exhaust filter element is blocked, resulting in no exhaust.

There are two reasons for the blockage of the exhaust filter:

a. The quality of the material used in the filter element is poor, or the precision is too high, which is easy to block.

b. The quality of the vacuum pump oil is poor, and it is easy to emulsify and gel. After the vacuum pump oil gels, it is easy to cause the vacuum pump filter element to be blocked.

2. The vacuum pump lacks maintenance for a long time, the oil is not changed for a long time, or the oil circuit is blocked, which causes the vacuum pump oil to not circulate normally.

3. The vacuum system design problem, the exhaust main pipe is too thin, or the exhaust path is too curved and too long, resulting in unsmooth exhaust, which increases the temperature of the vacuum pump.

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Add: Tiantan Road,Huling Industrial Zones, Jiyuan ,Henan ,China