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Why is the vacuum pump intake filter called a

The vacuum pump is a negative pressure device. The air intake is inhaled, and the exhaust port is discharged. Between one breath and one breath, the air in the container is discharged to obtain a vacuum environment. The air inlet is generally equipped with a vacuum pump intake filter. The "ventilator", why it is called this way, please read down.

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The air filter is also called the vacuum pump intake filter. Why are ventilators called vacuum pumps? Whether it is a dry vacuum pump or an oil-sealed liquid vacuum pump, the gas in the container is pumped away by negative pressure, so as to avoid the existence of air affecting the production process. The air contains a large amount of impurities, which will inevitably be pumped by the vacuum pump The impurities in the pumped gas not only pollute the pump oil of the oil-sealed vacuum pump, but also cause wear to the moving parts of all types of vacuum pumps. The vacuum pump is like a breathing system. The air intake is inhaled and then discharged from the exhaust port. It is a continuous and smooth process. Just like the human respiratory tract, inhaling a large amount of dust will cause a burden on the lungs, and the respiratory tract will become ill for a long time. . The air that has not been filtered by the air filter enters the pump, just like humans directly inhaling smog without wearing a mask, the harm is directly visible.

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Therefore, the air filter is like a ventilator for the vacuum pump, preventing the vacuum pump from breathing hard and helping the vacuum pump to take a big breath without worrying about "respiratory" infection. No matter what type of vacuum pump it is, you need an air filter. Of course, the form of filtration is related to the type of pump you have, and it varies depending on the structure of the pump. For oil-sealed vacuum pumps, most of the filtering methods in the picture are used.

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Air filters are widely used in the electronics industry, lithium battery industry, circuit board industry, food packaging and other industries, and are suitable for different types of vacuum pumps such as Leybold, Rietschle, Becker and so on. The vacuum pump intake conditions are complex, and the vacuum pump intake filter still has a long way to go.



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