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Where to get Elmo Rietschle VCS200/ VCS300 Vacuum Pump Replacement Exhaust filter ?

Elmo Rietschle have made new VCS200/VCS 300 vacuum pump .You  know that exhaust filter is import for vacuum pump and filter element is consumables part . There are many customers found us and feedback the exhaust filter is expensive ,they want to know if we can help them solve it. If you are still meet such problem and see this article, congratulations you, you find right  area.

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Thanks for a loyal old customer support and believe who took out the filter element from the original machine and sent them to us. We opened mould according to the samples. The plastic cover is made of reinforced nylon, fiber, PP, etc can accept high pressure. The O-ring is made of fluoro rubber which can withstand high temperatures. The material is the same as the original filter element. At the same time, we tested filter material air permeability reaches 200, which can be used more than  1-2 months for  common filters on the market. We also did some others tests. The quality meets your requirements and the price is very competitive. If you need it , please send us the quantity ,price will be sent to you soon. Our



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Add: Tiantan Road,Huling Industrial Zones, Jiyuan ,Henan ,China