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What circumstances can NOT change hydraulic filter element ?

What circumstances can not change hydraulic filter element ?


What circumstances can not change hydraulic filter element? This is very critical in use. In the usual use of hydraulic filter elements, it is necessary to meet the needs of production filtration, and to do a good job in maintenance and environmental cleaning. Both are indispensable.

For the maintenance of the hydraulic filter element, it is an essential step to perform regular cleaning work. In addition, if the filter paper is used for a long time, the cleanliness of the filter paper will be reduced. Filtration effect, and then if the hydraulic filter element is running, do not replace the filter element, so no matter what aspect, there are only disadvantages and no advantages, and then the equipment is checked frequently and irregularly, and proper maintenance is performed. The gasket between the connecting frames must be tightly sealed to ensure that there is no leakage. For some high-temperature or high-humidity filter objects, the filter paper that is resistant to high temperature or humidity must be replaced to meet production requirements.

In general, the maintenance and replacement of hydraulic filter elements are relatively strict, and the steps are more professional. This is a requirement for the manufacturer's production and the manufacturer's inspection of its own technical level.



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