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What oil return affect vacuum pump air inlet filter ?

Why does the vacuum pump return oil? The reason is that the pressure at the inlet and outlet of the pump is unbalanced, which will cause the oil in the pump to migrate to the air inlet. The vacuum pump air inlet filter is a device installed at the air inlet. What  oil return affect air inlet filter?

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The rotary vane pump is an oil-sealed pump. Because of the negative pressure at the inlet of the vacuum equipment and the positive pressure at the outlet, if there is a pressure imbalance, it is easy to cause the vacuum pump oil to migrate to the air inlet, which is what we often call backflow. When the pressure value is lower than the limit pressure, the oil of the rotary vane pump will migrate to the air inlet, and the air inlet is often installed with an air intake filter (that is, the air intake filter of  vacuum pump), which affects the pumping performance. What is the solution to it ?

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Molecular sieves, catalytic traps or cooling traps are installed at the air inlet of the pump. The way of using the catalyst is to decompose the migrated oil, decompose it into water and hydrogen, and then discharge it. What also needs to be installed at the air inlet is the air inlet filter. The air inlet filter is very important for the oil-sealed vacuum pump and is an important factor to ensure the performance of the vacuum pump oil and vacuum pump.


Oil-sealed vacuum pumps are widely used because of their simple structure and excellent pumping performance. Many problems can be solved by pump accessories. Reasonable use of accessories can make the vacuum pump run better, improve the performance of the vacuum pump, and prolong the life of the vacuum pump. . In addition, some maintenance details should also be paid attention to, such as paying attention to the ventilation of the vacuum equipment environment. The intake filter can prevent the contamination of impurities in the extraction air, but it is also very important to maintain the cleanliness of the working environment of the equipment. Often wipe the equipment with a clean cloth. Avoid dust and impurities falling into the equipment and pollute the extraction environment.


Therefore, installing accessories, whether it is anvacuum pump  exhaust filter or an vacuum pump  intake filter and an vacuum pump oil filter, and paying attention to maintenance, can effectively reduce the probability of failure of the oil-sealed vacuum pump.




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