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What is Vacuum Pump Filter used for ?

Jiyuan Zhongyuan Filter Co,.Ltd  was established in 1996 as filter element manufacturer specializing in design & produce kinds of filter element . Such as  pleated cartridge filters, Vacuum pump filter, air filter element , hydraulic filter element , industrial filter element, air compressor filter, oil filter,dust filter,hydraulic oil filter ,replacement filter element , bespoke filters etc with a reputation for reliable service & quality products produced within its manufacturing facilities in China.

Today let us learn what is vacuum pump filter used for ? On usually, vacuum pump filter is widely used for as follows:

  • Electric Power

  • Chemical industry

  • Pulp & Paper industry

  • Mining, pharmaceutical

  • Plastic industry,

  • Medical industry,

  • Environmental industry

  • Food & Beverage

  • Packaging industry

  • Metallurgical industry and

  • Sugar industry

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If you need vacuum pump filters or trouble vacuum pump exhaust filter smoking & vacuum pump burning ,please contact us. We can help you solve it.



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Add: Tiantan Road,Huling Industrial Zones, Jiyuan ,Henan ,China