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What is type of air compressor filter ?

  • Water Separators filter - For the removal of bulk condensed water

Water separators are used to protect coalescing filters against bulk liquid contamination, where excessive cooling takes place in air receivers and distribution piping. Using mechanical separation techniques, Water Separators will remove in excess of 92% bulk liquid contamination at all flow conditions.

  • Coalescing Filters - For the removal of water aerosols, atmospheric dirt and solid particulate, micro-organisms, liquid oil and oil aerosols and rust and pipescale

Coalescing compressed air filters are probably the single most important items of purification equipment in a compressed air system.  They are designed to not only remove aerosols (droplets) of oil and water using mechanical filtration techniques, but also to remove solid particulate to very low levels (as small as 0.01 micron in size).  Installed in pairs, the first compressed air filter is a 'general purpose filter' which protects the second 'high efficiency filter' from bulk contamination.  The dual filter installation ensures a continuous supply of high quality compressed air with the additional benefits of low operational costs and minimal maintenance.

  • Adsorption  (Activated Carbon) Filters - For the removal of oil vapor

Oil vapor is oil in a gaseous form and will pass through a coalescing filter just as easily as the compressed air.  Therefore, oil vapor removal filters must be employed as these provide a large bed of activated carbon adsorbent for the effective removal of oil vapor, providing the ultimate protection against oil contamination.

  • Dust Removal Filters - For the removal of atmospheric dirt and solid particulate and micro-organisms

Dust removal compressed air filters are used for the removal of dry particulates.  They provide identical particulate removal performance to the equivalent coalescing filter and use the same mechanical filtration techniques to provide up to 99.9999% particle removal efficiency.

  • Micro-biological Filters - For the removal of atmospheric dirt and solid particulate and micro-organisms

Absolute removal of solid particulates and micro-organisms is performed by a sieve retention or membrane filter.  They are often referred to as sterile air filters as they also provide sterilized compressed air.  Filter housings are manufactured from stainless steel to allow for in-situ steam sterilization of both the filter housing and element.  It is important to note that the piping between the sterile filter and the application must also be cleaned and sterilized on a regular basis.



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