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How to quickly identify the quality of vacuum pump oil separator filter elements ?

We are specilize in vacuum pump filters produce more than 20 years and service 10000+ customers .When customers inquiry filters, they will find there are different price on same filter.If you get lower price, you will be worried about quality if good. When you get higher price, you will be feel expensive.Today I will teach you here. Several methods to quickly identify the quality of  vacuum pump exhaust filter elements.

1. Look at the thickness of the inner  skeleton of  vacuum pump exhaust  filter element.

Generally, quality filter element inner framework is between 0.8mm-1.5mm, but some filter factory  reduce the skeleton to 0.3mm-0.5mm in order to reduce raw material cost, there is no difference in appearance, but it seriously affects the pressure resistance of vacuum pump  filter element. .

2. Look at the material of  vacuum pump oil mist filter element

 At present, the filter material of the filter element mainly adopts domestic glassfiber and imported glassfiber . Import glassfiber also have many kinds of type.On usually,  good quality filter element material are used from Germany HV  or American Lydall. The raw material is uniform in color, and the paper surface is relatively flat; while the filter paper of the inferior filter element is not uniform in color, hairy on the paper surface, and poor in texture.

3. Look at the glue of  vacuum pump filter element

At present, the structure of the filter element is generally composed of filter material,inner framework,  rubber etc. Of course,the glue of  genuine and fake  vacuum pump filter element is also different. The rubber of the genuine filter element has better texture and elasticity, while the rubber of the counterfeit filter element is soft and the texture is poor. The easier way to identify is to fold the air filter element . After loosening, the high-quality filter element quickly returns to its original state, while the fake  vacuum pump air filter element does not adhere well to the filter paper due to the rubber texture problem, and the middle mark of the fold is obvious.

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Add: Tiantan Road,Huling Industrial Zones, Jiyuan ,Henan ,China