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How to choose the material of dust filter?

 The dust filter cartridge is a star-shaped filter cartridge formed by folding the corresponding length of the filter material into pleats and bonding the end to the end. The filter cartridge has no cage and is easy to install. Greatly increase the effective filtration area; ensure a low and stable pressure difference and increase the flow and ventilation; the filter cartridge element is small and easy to install; it is especially suitable for industries with high dust concentration.Let's help you select filter material according to your working environment.

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       1. Ordinary polyester non-woven fabric:

       Made of polyester fiber material, the filtration accuracy is generally above 5um, the scope of application: powder spraying, sandblasting, pigment, wood, cement and other industries;

       2. Laminated polyester non-woven fabric:

       Imported PTFE-coated polyester filter material is used, and the filter cartridge made of the modified material has a long service life, high filtration accuracy, and easier backflushing and cleaning. Scope of application: welding fume, shot peening, pharmaceutical, cement, tobacco, textile industry (prevention and control) Coal ash yarn) and other industries filtration;

       3. Anti-static polyester non-woven fabric:

       Anti-static and anti-static aluminum film treatment is to cover the surface of the filter material with a thin conductive and breathable metal aluminum coating to avoid electrostatic flashover, suitable for metal dust filtration and explosion-proof dust removal;

       4. Oil-proof and waterproof polyester non-woven fabric:

       Oil-proof, waterproof and dust-proof treatment is to cover the filter material fiber with a layer of fluororesin, so that the filter material has the functions of oil and water resistance and anti-fouling, dust is not easy to adhere, and back blowing is easier. It is suitable for wet or grease-containing dust with high dust concentration, and it can also be used for drying large particle size dust with better effect.

       5. Wood pulp fiber filter paper:

       Using wood pulp fiber composite filter paper, the scope of application: filtration of gas turbines, compressors, sandblasting, tobacco, fly ash, floating dust and other industries. .



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