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Replacement Parker Hydraulic Filter Element

  • 935906 OEM Parker  cellulose filter element
  • 935906 OEM Parker  cellulose filter element
  • 935906 OEM Parker  cellulose filter element
935906 OEM Parker  cellulose filter element935906 OEM Parker  cellulose filter element935906 OEM Parker  cellulose filter element

935906 OEM Parker cellulose filter element

  • Working temperature: -30℃~110℃
  • Working pressure: (MAX) 21Mpa
  • Applicable equipment: It is suitable for Busch puxu ra0063f, ra0100f and some domestic XD vacuum pumps with the same displacement.
  • Scope of use: used in the filtration of pressure oil in hydraulic and lubrication systems to filter out pollutants in the system and ensure the normal operation of the system
  • Description: Replacementfilter,Pallfilter,Hydacfilter,Parkerfilter,Mahlefilter,Margofilter,Donaldsonfilter,Filtrecfilter,Vickersfilter,Epefilter,Taiseikogyofilter,Internormen filter,MannFilter,HY-PROfilter,MPfilte

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Some OEM parker  cellulose filter element model:

933229Q  FC7007Q005BK  FC1094Q010BS  G00593 G01441Q
933239Q  FC7007Q010BK  FC1094Q020BS  G00594  G01442Q 
933246Q FC7007Q020BK  FC1095Q002BS  G00595  G01445Q 
933253Q FC7008Q002BK  FC1095Q005BS  G00754  G01446Q 
933258Q  FC7008Q005BK  FC1095Q010BS   G00755  G01447Q 
933263Q  FC7008Q010BK  FC1096Q002BS  G00756 G01448Q 
933264Q  FC7008Q020BK  FC1096Q005BS  G00758  G01451Q 
933265Q  FC7101Q002BS  FC1096Q010BS  G00759  G01452Q 
933266Q  FC7101Q005BS  FC1096Q020BS  G00798  G01453Q
933295Q  FC7101Q010BS  FC1097Q002BS  G00799  G01454Q 
933302Q  FC7101Q020BS  FC1097Q005BS   G00801  G01457Q 
933363Q  FTBE1A10Q  FC1097Q020BS  G00966  G01458Q 
933364Q  FTBE1A20Q  FC1098Q002BS  G00967  G01459Q 
933365Q  FTBE1B05Q  FC1098Q005BS  G00968  G01460Q 
933467Q  FTBE1B10Q FC1098Q010BS  G00969  G01463Q 
933468Q  FTBE1B20Q FC1098Q020BS  G00970  G01464Q 
933486Q FTBE2A05Q FC1099Q002BS  G00971 G01672 
933487Q  FTBE2A10Q  FC1099Q005BS  G00973  G01673 
933488Q  FTBE2A20Q  FC1099Q010BS  G00974  G01674 
933489Q  FTBE2B05Q FC1099Q020BS  G00978  G01775 
933576Q  FTBE2B10Q  FC1110Q002BS  G00980  G01916 
933577Q  FTBE2B20Q  FC1110Q005BS  G00981  G01922 
935239 FTCE1A05Q  FC1110Q010BS  G00984  G01924 
935240 FTCE1A10Q FC1110Q020BS  G00987  G01930Q 
935241 FTCE1A20Q  FC1111Q002BS  G00988  G01932Q 
935242 FTCE1B05Q  FC1111Q005BS  G00990  G01934Q 
935243 FTCE1B10Q  FC1111Q010BS  G00991  G01935Q
935244 FTCE1B20Q  FC1111Q020BS  G00993  G01279Q 
935245 FTCE2A05Q  FC1113Q002BS  G00994  G01280Q 
935246 FTCE2A10Q  FC1113Q005BS  G01066  G01281Q 
935247 FTCE2A20Q  FC1113Q010BS  G01067  G01282Q 
935248 FTCE2B05Q  FC1113Q020BS  G01068  G01283
935249 FTCE2B10Q  FC1115Q002BS  G01069 G01284 
935250 FTCE2B20Q  FC1115Q005BS  G01070  G01301Q
935251 932359 FC1115Q010BS  G01071  G01302Q 
935252 932360 FC1115Q020BS  G01087  G01313Q