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Replacement Hydraulic Filter Element

  • R928038809 replacement Rexroth hydraulic filter element
R928038809 replacement Rexroth hydraulic filter element

R928038809 replacement Rexroth hydraulic filter element

  • Description: If you want to get same as original quality filter with cheaper price,please contact us.

Manufacturer: Bosch Rexroth
Replacement Filter Element
 2.56 G25-A0D-0-V
MRN: R928038809

Length: 96 mm
Inside Diameter: 24 mm
Out Side Diameter: 
53 mm
Micron Ratting:
 25 µm
Type of Fluid: 
 Stainless Steel Wire Mesh
Flow Direction:
 From Outside to Inside
Weight: 0.205 kg

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R928037476 R928037481 R928037482 R928037484 R928037485 R928037486 R928037489 R928037490 R928037492 R928037493 R928037495 R928037497 R928037500 R928037501 R928037502 R928037503 R928037504 R928037506 R928037507 R928037512 R928037521 R928037522 R928037523 R928037524 R928037527 R928037529 R928037530