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Air Filter Element

  • welding fumes Mechanical processing air filter element P199415
welding fumes Mechanical processing air filter element P199415

welding fumes Mechanical processing air filter element P199415


(1) Suitable for the filtration of very fine dust type in welding fumes Mechanical processing, pharmaceutical and construction industries And sticky dust collection.

(2) Spun bonded polyester with PTFE membrane, microspore Offers 99.99% filter efficiency.

(3) Wide pleat spacing and smooth, hydrophobic PTFE provides excellent particle release.

(4) Excellent resistance to chemical erosion.(5) Electrochemical plate/stainless steel top and bottom, no rust Perforated zinc galvanized metal inner core allows good airflow.

Filter Material:

1. Base media: Spunbonded polyester

2. Operating efficiency: 99.9% on 1 micron

3. Washable: Several times

4. Maximum operating temperature: 200oF/93oC

5. Abrasion resistance: Excellent 

6. Chemical tolerance: Excellent 

7. Optional flame retardant media(FR): To order

Air filter cartridge Performance Description:

A. Wider pleat width

B. High filtration efficiency

C. Filter Material: 80%Cellulose+20% Polyester

D. Excellent ability for moisture protection

E. Top open, bottom open/ bottom close with deflating bolt hole

F. Galvanized Stainless metal configuration

G. Rubber seal

H. We choose the moisture-proof material for the wet climate environment, also the material is suit for the large air flow design

I. We choose the secondary filtration model for heavy dust density in the windy sand climate environment. Shower-proof felt and pre-filtration cloth needed in the pre-filtration

J. More filter material you can choose

1.100% cellulose (H&V material)

2.80% cellulose+20%polyester (H&V material)

3.80% cellulose+20%polyester Flame retardant (H&V material)


5. Nano-web Flame retardant

6.Polyester(white,black for choose)

7.Polyester+Flame retardant

8.Polyester+oil,water resistant


10.Polyester+PTFE membrane+Antistatic

11.Polyester+PTFE membrane