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Air Filter Element

  • Aluminum Frame Panel Filter
Aluminum Frame Panel Filter

Aluminum Frame Panel Filter

  • Description: Aluminum frame panel filter has light weight frame and various media meshes, such as aluminum mesh, stainless steel mesh or knitted mesh. Protective mesh could be woven mesh, perforated mesh, expanded


  • Light weight, safe, sturdy structure.

  • Using repeatedly after washing.

  • Low cost, low resistance.

  • Resistant to corrosion, high temperature, acid, alkali.

  • Long service life.


Aluminum frame panel filter is mainly used in ventilation and filter system. Such as following:

  • Anti-temperature and large dust filtration in high temperature environment.

  • Pre-filter in air filtration system.

  • Air conditioner's input draught.

  • Junior filtration of industrial air ventilation equipment.