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Vacuum Pump Exhaust Filter

  • 0532140160 vacuum exhaust filter for R5-630 vacuum pump
0532140160 vacuum exhaust filter for R5-630 vacuum pump

0532140160 vacuum exhaust filter for R5-630 vacuum pump

  • OD:72MM
  • ID:35MM
  • Length :500mm
  • Material:glassfiber
  • Description: Oil Mist Filters are used to capture particulate, liquid and soluble contaminants from liquid and gas streams, designed to address the inherent deficiencies of traditional gas-liquid separators, prove

This model is designed for flows from the inside to the outside. The listed available air/oil separators are particularly suitable for integrated fitting in oil flooded vane vacuum pumps. The installation position can be chosen freely.
The air/oil separators for vacuum pumps are designed for differential pressures of up to at least 1.5 bar (150 KPa).
The residual oil content at nominal air flow is approx 1 to 3 mg/m3

Iterchange filter number 


532127420  532000507 532000304 532000224

 SAO55510, SI41507, P784290, DA1054, LE12006

4900050661  4900154181 4900154191 490052151 4900152172 4900155191  180163

Exhaust Filter/Oil Mist Separator/Oil separator element:

731400-0000 --- VCEH100  VCAH100 VC700/VC900/VC1100/VC1300

731468-0000 --- VC50 VC75 VC100 VC150B

731630-0000 --- VC202/VC303

731401-0000 --- VC200 VC300 VC400 VC500 VC700 VC900  VC1100 VC1300  VCAH160  VCEH160  VCEH250

731399-0000 --- VCE40/VCE60/VCA40/VCA60

Exhaust Filter:

0992573694/532571826 --- R5 RD0200A      R5 RD0240A    R5 RD0300A    R5 RD0360A

0532140155 --- R5 RA/RC0010      R5  RA/RC0020      R5 RA0021      XD-0020

0532140156 --- R5 RA0025F      R5 RA0040F 

0532140157 --- R5 RA0063F      R5 RA0100F    R5 RC0063      R5 RC0100

0532140159 --- R5 RA0160    R5 RA0165    R5 RA0202     R5 RA0250     R5 RA0302    R5 RA0305

R5 RC0160    R5 RC0165    R5 RC0202     R5 RC0250     R5 RC0302    R5 RC0305   

0532140160 --- R5 RA0400    R5 RA0630B   R5 RC0400    R5 RC0630B

Exhaust filter cartridge:

971431120 --- SV300B SV320B SV470B SV570B SV630B SV750B

71064773 --- SV300 SV630

71064763 --- SV65  SV100 SV180  SV200

71421180 --- SV40B SV40BI

71417300 --- SV65B SV100B SV120B

71416340 --- SV16BI SV25B SV28BI

71232023 --- SV16/25-BR2, SV16D SV25D

Air Filter/Inlet Filter:

0532000002 --- RA0021   RA0025   RA0040   RA0063   RA0100   RC0021   RC0025   RC0040   RC0063   RC0100

0532000003 --- RA0100   RA0160   RA0063F   RA0100F   RC0021   RC0025   RC0040   RC0063   RC0100

0532000004 --- RA0040   RA0063   RA0100  RC0040   RC0063   RC0100

Oil Filter/Oil Separator:

0531000001 --- R5 RA0160D    R5 RA0202D    R5 RA0250D    R5 RA0302D

0531000002 --- R5 RA0021C    R5 RA0025F    R5 RA0040F    R5 RA0063F    R5 RA0100F

0531000005 --- R5 RA0400      R5 RA0502      R5 RA0630