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Why does vacuum pump oil mist separator inject oil

There are two reasons for injection of vacuum pump

A. The problems of the air pump itself, such as the blockage of the oil circuit, lead to the oil filtered by the filter element can not return to the oil tank in time, but gather at the exhaust port. When the vacuum pump pumps the air, the oil gathered at the exhaust port will be blown out.

B. The problem of the filter element of the air pump is that the filter element of the vacuum pump with good quality has the characteristics of fast oil discharge, and the oil drops grow fast and easily drop down under the action of gravity. For the filter element with poor quality, the separated small oil droplets are often adsorbed on the cotton on the surface of the filter element. Once the air is discharged, it will be blown out of the exhaust port to form fuel injection.
It is suggested that vacuum pump users purchase oil mist separators from regular manufacturers.